Update: Philadelphia, Here I Come

Every day it starts to feel more real. I’m flying to Philly this Sunday!

It’s been wonderful to spend a few weeks in DC just visiting friends, resting, psyching myself up for Philadelphia, and feeling comfortable in a familiar place.

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to speak at Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church during their study hour. The chance to connect with any church over mission is great, but this was special to me because of the role that Metropolitan has played in my journey. The Metropolitan community invested in me through their support of the AU campus ministry, and through the financial support of the Metropolitan United Methodist Women group which brought me to the United Methodist Women Asssembly in Louisville, KY in 2014— an experience that sealed the deal for me in my discernment about applying for the Global Mission Fellow program. It was wonderful to be able to express my gratitude to the church that helped me feel that, as a young adult, I am a full member of the United Methodist Church who both deserves to be recognized and heard, and is just as responsible for the mission of the Church as anyone else. I also invited them to continue to invest in me and in other young adults in the Church by donating to the program in my name (shameless plug). After I spoke, I got an impromptu mini-send-off as those who attended prayed for me and the work I will be doing.

Angela is a huge channel of love and support from Metropolitan to the UM community at AU. After I spoke, she and Zoe (an AU alum) posed with Angela's daughter.

Angela is a huge channel of love and support from Metropolitan to the Methodist student community at AU. After I spoke, she and Zoe (an AU alum) posed with Angela’s daughter.

When I get to Philadelphia on Sunday, I’ll spend the first few days settling in, unpacking, and getting orientated to the city before I start working. I’ll be sure to share pictures and updates once I get there!

This morning, my supervisor was getting my new living space situated and she sent me pictures of the bedroom and the kitchen. The bedroom has green walls and huge windows. It’s beautiful.

This is really happening.


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